Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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President Nasheed

UK to cut duties on fish exported by the Maldives: Nasheed

Speaker of the Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the United Kingdom will cut duties on fish imported from the Maldives within the next two months.
In a tweet last night Nasheed claimed that senior officials of the British government who are close to him informed that the British government intends to cut duties on Maldivian fish within the next few months.
"It's good news. This has happened due to the great efforts of some British leaders who wish the Maldives well," Nasheed said.
Although Nasheed has said this, there has been no official confirmation yet.
Currently, the European Union imposes a 24 percent duty on fish imported from the Maldives. Despite repeated talks with EU countries to reduce duties, the EU has said it will not reduce duties until religious freedom is granted in the country.
The government has already asked the UK to cut the duty as it is no longer an EU country.