Monday 17th Jun 2024
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AFCONS employees stage protest over loss of one person in fire

Employees of Afcons have started protesting due to the loss of one of the company's employees in a fire that broke out in their accommodation block in Gulhifalhu on Thursday night.
Afcons employees started protesting at the newly reclaimed site in Gulhifalhu for the construction of the bridge after the company's management failed to take note of the incident despite reporting that one worker was missing. His body has not been recovered and the company's management does not even know how many people are living together in the accommodation block.
Employees at an Afcons site in Hulhumale' are also protesting after learning that the Afcons employees in Gulagifalhu are protesting. Some of them are protesting against the delay in payment of salaries. Last week, workers of another Indian company also protested over the non-payment of salaries.
When asked by TMJ whether one person was missing after the fire accident, MNDF did not comment.
Earlier MNDF stated that 74 people were injured in the incident and a total of 460 people were living in the accomodation block.