Friday 1st Mar 2024
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Ameer takes brazen advantage of President Solih’s ignorance: Saeed

Member of Parliament for the Maavashu Constituency Mohamed Saeed has stated that Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer had been taking advantage of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s ignorance, brazenly and to his heart’s desire.
Former President and the Speaker of Parliament, President Nasheed admitted last week that the remaining funds in the national reserve cannot sustain the need for basic necessities.
However, within the same week, Ameer stated that talks of sovereign default or bankruptcy regarding Maldives is political and described the occurrence of such conversations as depressing. He asserted that fear of bankruptcy is being used for political reasons to weaken the government and belittle the achievements of this administration.
Following the dialogue, while sharing the data regarding the national USD reserve in a tweet, Saeed stated that the data proves the remainder of the available reserve cannot afford the country two month’s worth of food rations and necessities.
According to the statistics relayed by the Ministry of Finance, between March and September, the available national reserve has depleted by 53 percent. By September 22, 2022, the available reserve held USD 184 million.
Saeed stated that the state of the financial affairs has never been this dire and reasoned that it had to be because the President was either careless or ignorant to the theatrics of his Minister. He added that there were no politics involved.