Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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President Nasheed

Mavota to Nasheed: President Solih the only choice for 2023!

Member of Parliament for the Maradhoo constituency Ibrahim Shareef (Mavota) affirmed that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was the “only choice” for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to win the presidential election of 2023.
While the election draws near, members of MDP have been split into two factions; one supporting President Solih and the rest behind former President and party leader, President Mohamed Nasheed.
The President Solih faction members call for a second term for the current administration despite resistance from the President Nasheed faction members. Both President Nasheed and President Solih have expressed interest in running for candidacy in the MDP primary.
Declaring his support for President Solih, Mavota tagged President Nasheed in a series of tweets. He stated that MDP has no better choice than President Solih for MDP candidacy for next year’s election.
Mavota asserted that the members advocating for anyone else are at ease with leaving the country with the opposition, PPM, and described President Nasheed’s faction as adversaries.
Mavota tagged Economic Minister and MDP Chairperson Fayyaz Islamil, President Nasheed and Finance Minister Abdullah Ameer in his tweets.
Noting President Solih’s efforts during Covid-19 pandemic, Mavota claimed that in order to win the election, MDP must get behind an individual capable of working in harmony with people of different opinions and a leader who can make difficult decisions when necessary.
Therefore, Mavota concluded that considering the current state of affairs, the most suitable candidate for MDP to represent during the 2023 presidential election was President Solih. He stated that no other candidate had the collective support of the coalition parties.