Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Coalition deliberation unnecessary on every matter: Government

Government spokesperson, Miuvaan Mohamed stated that deliberation amongst the coalition parties on every matter was unnecessary.
In a press conference held at the President’s Office, today, Miuvaan was asked about the lack of deliberative meetings with parties within the ruling coalition. In his response, Miuvaan stated that although discussions never took place in the form of direct deliberations, the administration does confer with the leaders of the coalition parties on necessary matters.
Miuvaan stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration did not deem it necessary to include the coalition parties in every aspect of the decision making processes concerning every national matter.
Miuvaan asserted that since the people have elected President Solih as the primer decision-maker regarding their individual and collective interests, the president will continue to choose accordingly without having to consult the coalition on each and every unnecessary detail.
Miuvaan stated that the ruling coalition was coalesced with political parties and therefore differences of opinions are a given. However, Miuvaan asserted that the coalition remains in “harmony” to this day. Furthermore, Miuvaan claimed that, with the experience of the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), President Solih was capable of managing the relations between the parties of the coalition.
The ruling coalition includes MDP, of which President Solih is a member, Jumhooree Party led by Member of Parliament for the Maamigili constituency Gasim Ibrahim, Adhaalath Party led by Home Minister Imran Abdulla and MRM led by the former President of thirty years, President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom.
The coalition members have raised concerns of lack of discussion between the main-ruling party and other coalition parties, from time and time again. Most recently, coalition parties scuffled regarding the stand taken by the administration on the matter of sovereignty of the Chagos Islands, where the government amended their stand in support of Mauritius without conferring with their political allies.