Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Solih

MDP will win the election under my candidacy: Pres Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced his desire to contest for a second term, stating that Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) can win a second term under his candidacy.
Speaking in the press conference held on Wednesday, President Solih said that MDP had to follow their laws. If the laws demanded a primary, then a primary would be held as it is the most apt decision democratically.
The most important thing, he said, was ensuring that MDP had a second term in office. Securing a second term was the most beneficial for the citizens, as well, he said. Continuation of developmental projects hinged on a re-election.
The President also admitted that it would be challenging for MDP to contest and win the election, by themselves. Coalitions, he said, therefore, was necessary. A coalition that was under his helm would be able to successfully get re-elected, he added.
President Solih did not eliminate room for competition in the MDP primaries, stating that he was a choice for 2023 Presidential ticket. The decision ultimately rested on MDP Congress, he said.
This is the first time President Solih had outright announced his desire to run. MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed had already announced his decision to contest the primaries.
The government coalition is comprised of Qasim Ibrahim's Jumhooree Party, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdullah's Adhaalath Party, and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's Maldives Reform Movement,