Friday 2nd Dec 2022
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Yameen’s Acquittal Increases Pressure On Govt Coalition: Indian Think-Tank

The Observer Research Foundation (ORF), an India-bases think-tank, has stated that opposition leader, former President Abdullah Yameen’s acquittal and freedom from incarceration would be a cause for much pressure on the ruling MDP and the Solih administration.
A statement published on the ORF’s website read that the former President’s freedom was a cause for much pressure on the ruling MDP and other parties of the ruling coalition.
The statement also highlighted the opposition PPM’s victory in the local council elections held in April. It also pointed out the diminished voter turnout for the MDP internal election held in September.
The statement surmised that there had been a decline in support for the ruling coalition than there had been in 2018.
The statement was silent on India’s possible reaction to the former President’s acquittal. The former President had officially called for the removal of Indian military personnel and assets from the country, and had also instructed the opposition to intensify the “India Out” campaign.