Tuesday 21st May 2024
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child abuse

India teacher at a Maldivian school physically abuses students!

Suhin Vimal Raj, an Indian man, working as a Physics teacher at M. Atoll Education Centre was found to be physically abusing his students.
A parent of the school told TMJ that Suhin choked a student while violently beating them on their head and back. Noting that this was a repeated behavior, the parent stated that students lived in fear of the teacher.
According to the parents, students have told their parents about the incidents involving Suhin, swearing them into anonymity, in fear of being reprimanded.
While the issue has been reported to Maldives Police Service and Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services, Suhin has not suffered any consequences as he continues to attend his teaching duties without interception. He attended school today, as well.
TMJ learned through reliable sources that Suhin had harassed a female expat teacher at the school, touched her without consent. Furthermore, he has also attempted to hold hands with female students, however, the school has not taken any disciplinary actions against Suhin.
Attempts to get a comment from the Principal of MAEC had been futile.
Recurrent criminal activity on part of Indian nationals living in the Maldives have become rather common. They have been at the center of numerous cases of sexual harassment, physical abuse of minors, trade and abuse of drugs and islamophobia.
However, perpetrators of this nationality are often released without pressing charges and sometimes even allowed to leave the country without further investigation.