Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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New evidence shows President Yameen never consented to Aarah deal: Defense

Defense attorneys in the Aarah leasing case against former President, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom, argued that the new evidence submitted by the prosecution shows that President Yameen never consented to Aarah lease agreement.
Prosecution submitted evidence to support the authenticity of the Economic and Youth Council (EYC) agenda, its plausibility previously rejected by the defense. A note shared by President Yameen regarding the conclusions of the council meeting was submitted at court.
Former Minister of Youth Ahmed Zuhooru and Former Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed stated in their testimonies that if President Yameen endorsed any decisions made by the EYC, he would put a check in his meeting conclusions. Former President's Office minister, Mujuthaz had also supported this statement in his testimony.
Defense lawyer Adam Shameem argued that although the latest submission of the meeting note had not been accepted as evidence, argumentative acknowledgement of the note proves that President Yameen had never blessed or encouraged the Aarah deal. Adam Shameem stated that the note showed that President Yameen checked one out of three decisions of the EYC in that meeting.
Since defense witnesses testified how the President approved EYC meeting decisions, defense attorneys argued that one check next to one of the meeting conclusions further supports their argument that President Yameen did not endorse the lease of Aarah. They noted that President Yameen had not checked the third point, which was the decision regarding the Aarah agreement, decided by the EYC.
Defense concluded that evidence submitted by the prosecution could not prove President Yameen’s endorsement towards the leasing of V. Aarah.