Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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30-day deadline to AFCONS, ordered to pay fine of MVR 69 million for reef damage

Indian construction company AFCONS has been ordered to settle a fine of MVR 69 million within the next 30 days, for the damage caused to the Vilimale’ reef by their survey equipment.
According to a statement released by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Thila-Male Bridge platform that ran aground the Vilimale’ reef caused an area of over 2755 square meters of the reef to be destroyed.
EPA noted that AFCONS was fined with MVR 69,411,800, following surveys done by the company and the agency, separately and together. EPA added that AFCONS had been notified to settle the account within 30 days; including government holidays, starting from the 13th of November.
The platform used for Male’-Vilimale’ bridge survey ran aground Vilimale reef on August 16 and it took AFCONS twelve days and immense public outrage to finally remove the platform.
The incident resulted in irreversible damage to the reef. The photos released by EPA after clearing out the area showed four extremely large holes in the reef structure. EPA reported that corals around that area were broken and terribly marred.