Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Minister Ahmed Shiyaam

Shiyam accuses the government of selling part of Maldives for USD 200 million!

The Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Member of Parliament for the Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam has accused the government of selling part of the Maldivian territory for USD 200 million.
MP Shiyam made his accusations towards the administration while debating the decree motioned to the parliament by Member of Parliament for the Dhangethi constituency Mohamed Nazim, to ensure whether the stand taken by the government in support of Mauritian claim of sovereignty over Chagos Islands was within its constitutional rights and to justify the stand to the public.
MP Shiyam stated that he had learned that the government had sold the area for USD 200 million, however, they have now expressed dissatisfaction towards the demarcated area.
Shiyam accused President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of being traitorous to the country asserting that his actions have continued to lose Maldivians their national territory. He said that the president inserted himself into an issue that resulted in loss of Maldivian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and made deals and took stands to ensure that loss, hence, he is a traitor.
Noting the loss of 96,000 square kilometers of sea expanse, Shiyam stated that the people do not agree to equidistant delimitation. He said that the southern side of the Maldives is a rich fishing territory and fishermen travel to the farthest ends of the country, within maritime borders, to catch more fish.
Shiyam stated that while it remained unknown the nature of the treasure that lies within the depths of the ocean in the EEZ, it was clear that the president intends to strip Maldives of the EEZ they are so proud to own. He argued that Mauritius is not a fishing country, but Maldives was.
Making his case, Shiyam said that Mauritius earned through maritime fishing with licenses issued to the EU countries, where they export over 500,000 metric tonnes of fish, whereas Maldives exports 57 metric tonnes. Therefore, Shiyam stated that one can comprehend the devastation that will be the result of the government’s deal.
Shiyam stated that a loss of the EEZ will further weaken the fishermen at a time of vulnerability. He asserted that the government has continued to dominate and abuse the emotions of the working men and women of the fisheries industry and cause damage to the people of the country, ever since coming to office.