Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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Foreign minister Shahid

Shahid lies about his comments on the absence of Indian military in the Maldives

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid lied about his comments on the absence of the Indian military in Maldives.
In response to a question posed by TMJ at a news conference held at the President’s Office, Shahid denied expressing despair and concern over not having Indian military presence in the Maldives
Despite Shahid’s denial, in an on-air interview with K.C Singh, an ex-Indian diplomat, Shahid stated that he felt concerned over the lack of Indian military presence on Maldivian soil even after 48 hours of declaring a State of Emergency.
Shahid’s statement had come following the former President, President Nasheed’s call to the Indian government, to send their military to Maldives.
In the same interview, Singh stated that back when GMR operated Velana International Airport, they were advised to deploy military in GMR uniforms at Hulhule’.
In response to Singh’s statement, Shahid said, “I myself am slightly disappointed that it's almost 48 hours since the declaration of emergency and we haven't seen any Indian presence on the ground.”
TMJ questioned the minister whether national interest was his highest priority, he stated that he has held the national interest in its highest regard and has defended it for ages. He said that the public does not believe those words to be true because he had never spoken them and the Maldivian people are people of truth.
Shahid argued that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s election in 2018 is evidence of the people’s faith in his truthfulness, despite TMJ’s continued efforts to establish otherwise.
However, notwithstanding Shahid’s denial of his own words, the interview where he made the statement, aired on Indian television in 2018, is still available on social media and other online platforms.