Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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President Yameen

Judiciary has been hijacked: President Yameen

Former President and opposition leader, President Abdul Yameen Abdul Qayyoom stated that the judicial system is hijacked and the judges are being held, hostage.
Speaking at an event in S. Hithadhoo, during his 2023 presidential election campaign trip to Addu, the presidential candidate of the opposition coalition, President Yameen said that he was criticized during his administration saying that he had the judiciary under his thumb.
Yameen stated that now, during their administration, the judiciary is greatly influenced by political waves and is being oppressed by the demands of the main-ruling party, MDP.
President Yameen added that judges have been cornered and are being held, hostage. He said that they are in a greater fear for their lives.
President Yameen noted that the road to justice does not start with the judges, however, it begins from the point where an accusation is made against a person. He said that if the accused is being framed for a crime he is innocent of, injustice will have taken root from that point on.
Additionally, President Yameen said that while investigation sets justice in motion, the Maldives Police Service has failed in their duties and responsibilities. Noting that the law enforcement begins their investigations with a pre-established conclusion, President Yameen said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih appointed his brother in law as the Commissioner of Police, making the service completely and utterly political.
President Yameen asserted that instead of investigating capital offenses and serious crimes, the Police Service has focused and expended their energy and resources on incriminating opposing political entities.