Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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Public displeasure over two dozing Indians outside IGMH Stroke Centre!

Some people have expressed their displeasure over finding two Indian nationals sleeping outside the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) Stroke Centre.
The person who posted the photos on Facebook stated that the picture was taken early pre-dawn this morning, outside the IGMH Stroke Centre.
The photo showed two men sleeping on a sofa.
While the photo has caused people to lash out at India, some people have claimed that Maldivian subservience to the Indian government is evident in all aspects of the nation now.
Additionally, another instance where the Addu road development project was officially inaugurated in a Hindu ritualistic ceremony has also received public outrage. A video that went viral yesterday, showed Hindu rituals being performed at the beginning of the ceremony and later breaking a coconut on the tar machine before project commencement.
The video also showed them holding the coconut in two hands, bringing it up to the face and chest while chanting before it was broken on the machine. Later, the coconut water was sprinkled onto the machine to conclude that part of the ritual.
This was the first time people had witnessed such a ceremony being performed to kickstart a Maldivian project, which caused a roar of outrage on social media once the video had gone viral. People came forward to criticize the government as well as the indian company, AFCONS, responsible for the project in question.
Many people have claimed that Maldives is being puppeted by India since we already do everything as per the desires of the Indian government.