Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Yameen

Flying to Hanimaadhoo Airport might become a thing of the past: Pres. Yameen

Former President and opposition presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom proclaimed that locals traveling to Hanimaadhoo Airport, an island under Indian influence, could become obsolete.
Referring to the government’s agreement to give Hanimaadhoo and Dhapparu for military purposes while speaking at an event held in N. Holhudhoo, as part of his campaign trip to Noonu Atoll, President Yameen said that Maldivian land area is being distributed as desired by India and the government feigns Maldivian military use as purpose for shutting down large areas.
President Yameen stated that the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has never needed areas as large as Hanimaadhoo for their training and exercises.
President Yameen said that there was no reason for the government to claim Dhapparu and with protests of Filladhoo residents and many other people, the island is safe for now.
Moreover, he said that the government tried to claim a major portion of Hanimaadhoo but the protests and resistance of locals resulted in the government acquiring a smaller part of the island. However, president Yameen remarked that following his trip to Haa Alif, he had learned people believe that a second term for the current administration will result in Hanimaadhoo residents losing their homes.
President Yameen noted that a 3000 meter long airport is being developed on Hanimaadhoo. He said that he built an 1800 meter long airport at N. Maafaru and it was evident that a 3000 meter airport is not necessary for domestic transport.
President Yameen said that Hanimaadhoo locals know that there will not be an airport open for domestic travel. He said that therefore, citizens who wish for the betterment of the country must say no to the current administration in the coming election.
President Yameen remarked that his work for presidency is to disallow Indian influence in Maldives and maintain the independence of the country for the future generations to come