Monday 5th Dec 2022
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President Nasheed

I will not attend MDP National Council meeting at Aarah: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament, MDP Leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed stated that he will not be attending the dinner hosted at presidential retreat K. Aarah by the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for Maldives Democratic Party’s National Council members.
President Nasheed said that he will not attend the event in response to President Solih’s invitation message shared on MDP GM Whatsapp Group. He said that the president did not want to speak to him and partake in activities together and therefore, he was not going to entertain him either.
Recently, the president and speaker’s disagreement on numerous issues have become evident to the public, amongst which their dispute on the governing system remains at the top. President Solih wishes to keep a presidential government rather than a parliamentary government, however, President Nasheed has been pushing for a parliamentary governing system from the beginning.
President Nasheed proposed to take a vote on the matter at MDP Congress, however, the administration forced him to retract his proposal through threats and fear mongering.
President Nasheed has also been quite cross with the president for the sentence given to his baby brother and lawyer, Nazim Sattar for same sex sexual intercourse, following which he had accused President Solih of adultery and claimed existence of pictures as well.