Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Govt denied Chinese company housing project in the atolls

The Maldivian government had decided to deny a Chinese company a housing project in the atolls.
The Chinese company, “China Great Wall Industry Corporation” had proposed to build 3000 housing units in the atolls under the proposition of unsolicited proposals acceptance of the government.
The government had assessed and researched their proposal and determined that the prices proposed by the company were higher than acceptable. The government decided to deny them the project at an Economic Council’s meeting with cabinet members in attendance.
Despite the Economic Council’s decision, TMJ has learned that the prices proposed by the Chinese company were well within the same range as the other companies for such a project.
Noticeably, during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s time in office, none of the more significant projects have been contracted to Chinese companies, despite their requests. One of the biggest housing projects in the Maldives, the Hiya Project, was outsourced to a Chinese company. Moreover, housing projects in the atolls have also been assigned to Chinese companies before as well.
Almost all of the ongoing housing projects in the greater Male’ area have been assigned to Indian companies by the current government. Moreover, these companies had similarly unsatisfactory reviews from their previous projects back in India.