Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Ministry of Defence

Defense Ministry's budget completely exhausted

The allocated budget for the Ministry of Defense for this year has been completely exhausted.
The annual state budget included an allotment of MVR 17.9 million for the Defense Ministry for the year of 2022.
However, according to the Finance Ministry’s weekly statistics, the Ministry of Defense had spent a total of MVR 22.9 million by October 6, 2022.
Therefore, while two more months remain in the year, the ministry has already spent over MVR 5 million in addition to the allotted budget.
According to previous year's statistics, the Defense Ministry spent only MVR 9 million within this period, last year.
In addition to the Defense Ministry, Aasandha Company Limited, the company responsible for the national health insurance scheme has also exhausted their allotted budget by June of this year.
Aasandha was allocated a budget of MVR 370 million, however, by October 6, 2022, the company has spent a total of MVR 1,325.7 million.