Thursday 7th Dec 2023
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President Nasheed

No law prohibits casinos in Maldives: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament and former President, Mohamed Nasheed said that there was no law that prohibits the operation of casinos in Maldivian resorts.
Nasheed made the statement while speaking in relation to a question posed to Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Mahloof, by Kaashidhoo constituency MP, Abdulla Jabir, during the portion of today’s parliament meeting dedicated to questioning cabinet ministers.
Jabir argued that instead of offering non-profitable entertainment and activities at resorts, the state must consider licensing resorts to offer gambling and casino services. Jabir then proceeded to question Minister Mahloof on Youth Ministry’s role in raising funds to aid the tourism industry to build much needed casinos and which authority or entity has prohibited such efforts.
Before allowing the minister to respond to Jabir’s question, the speaker added that the casino issue has been raised on multiple occasions and that there was no law or regulation that prohibits such an establishment.
In response to Jabir’s question, Mahloof said that the word “Casino” remains a taboo within the Maldivian society, however, he believed that it should be open for discussion.
Mahloof said that operating casinos cannot be ruled as haram, while simultaneously allowing the sale of alcohol at these resorts.