Friday 9th Jun 2023
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President Nasheed

The majority of parliament members have confidence in me: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament and former President, Mohamed Nasheed stated that the majority of the members of parliament had confidence in him.
Nasheed’s statement came in response to the Member of Parliament for Naifaru constituency, Ahmed Shiyam’s argument where he said that the party leader remains in a compromised position.
Shiyam hinted towards the house arrest of Nasheed’s brother and well-known lawyer, Nazim Abdul Sattar, for engaging in same-sex sexual intercourse. While the homosexuality scandal still remains fresh within the society, many people are convinced that power and influence played a crucial part in the reduced sentence and mild punishment for all individuals involved in the scandal.
Shiyam said that it was obvious that Nasheed was compromised for keeping “a gay boy at home” and that the Economic Minister and MDP Chairperson carried a noconfidence petition signed by 42 MPs, almost ready to grace the floors of the parliament.
Nasheed assured the members present that he will not be seated in such a post if he was compromised.
The President who resigned from his post in 2012 stated that he was aware of the no confidence vote against himself the MP for Alifushi constituency attempted to orchestrate, however, he failed to gain more than 12 signatures. He said that the majority of the parliamentary members have unwavering confidence in him and his abilities.
Nasheed continued to assert his uncompromised state and assured the fellow members that he will conduct the parliament as needed.