Monday 5th Dec 2022
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PG Hussain Shameem

PG Shameem privately shares photo holding alcoholic beverage, gets leaked

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem posted a photo of him clutching a bottle of an alcoholic beverage.
Shameem shared the photo to his Instagram story with the caption “Welcome to Georgia ''. The picture taken by Shameem showed him holding a “Marani” brand bottle, made to contain dry red wine. The writing on the bottle read“Bottled Specially for IAP Tiblisi 2022”. The label on the botte mentioned that it was rare and was a limited edition.
Marani is a winery in Georgia.
Shameem had traveled to Georgia for the 27th General Annual Conference for International Association of Prosecutors and the beverage shared by PG was a bottle of red bottled especially for that particular conference.
While Shameem had a following of 372 on Instagram, this includes senior police officers, Supreme Court Judge Mahaz and lawyers at the Prosecutor General’s Office. Since, Shameem’s profile is a private profile, only his followers will be privy to the stories he shares.
However, ensuing the leaked screenshot of Shameem’s Instagram story and the news having been picked up by various news outlets and social media pages, Shameem has begun to remove his followers. He now has a following of 359 people.
Therefore, people have speculated that his follower count declined because he removed some of his followers following the scandal since he suspected that one of his followers had leaked the photo to social media.
Alcohol consumption is forbidden under Islamic Law with clear rulings stating that every intoxicant is “haram”and is considered a sin.
TMJ’s attempts to get a comment from the PG via their official media group has been futile. Although, PG Shameem had commented to select media that the bottle of wine was gifted to him during his conference and he wished to keep the subject private.
Furthermore, photos and videos surfaced of Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed and family “partying” in the vicinity of alcohol and likely consuming it, following which a public citizen appealed the case to the PG Office and the PG had refused to acknowledge or investigate the matter.