Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Hanimaadhoo Airport

Agreement signed to develop Hanimaadhoo Airport

The government of Maldives has signed an agreement to develop Hanimaadhoo International Airport.
The project worth USD 136.6 million was contracted to the Indian company, JMC Projects Limited. Although it was confirmed that the project is to be financed by India’s Exim Bank, the government has not released further details of this loan.

With this airport project, the government expects to build a 2.46 kilometer runway in addition to a terminal that can serve 1.3 million passengers annually.

The Economic Ministry stated that the construction work for the airport is set to commence by this year’s end and is expected to be fully operational by the year 2024.

Despite the government’s assurances, no project contracted to an Indian company has been completed by the deadline and Indian workers working on these projects were struck as careless. Even though the state has multiple ongoing water and sewerage projects contracted to JMC Projects, none of them have adhered to their projected timelines.