Saturday 1st Apr 2023
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Maldives Airports Company Limited

Stolen MACL vehicle located in Hulhumale’

A stolen vehicle belonging to Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has been located by Maldives Police while parked in Hulhumale’.
According to witness accounts, the police had retrieved CCTV footage from a local from the area where the vehicle was supposedly parked.
When contacted for a comment, MACL media said that they will provide an official response after acquiring a better understanding of the incident.
TMJ has learned that the vehicle was stolen by two Indian nationals. Crimes committed by Indians in the Maldives has increased since President Solih assumed office.
Earlier this month a foreigner detained at Velana International Airport had recently escaped from the detention center at the airport through the ceiling. He was detained because he was previously deported from the country.
Immigration has confirmed that the Bangladesh nationals have still not been found.
Although airport security is handled by the joint efforts of Maldives Police and Maldives National Defense Force, incidents such as these have raised questions regarding the efficiency of the safety and security measures at the “gates into the country”.