Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Thila-Male’ Bridge construction company employee complains of nixed salaries

A video of an employee of AFCONS, the company contracted to construct Thila-Male Bridge, complaining of nixed salaries goes viral on social media.
The video that went viral on Tiktok, shows a conversation between the famous comedian and actor, Yoosuf Rafeeu (Yoosay) and the AFCONS staff. The employee expressed his distress over not receiving salary for over a month and not being able to afford to feed himself. He said that he simply starves away on most days.
Upon speaking to Yoosay, TMJ learned that Yoosay found the AFCONS employee sitting outside a cafe. Yoosay also said that he struck the actor as “a beggar”.
Yoosay asked why he was sitting there and the man told him that he had been extremely hungry and he hadn’t received salary.
When Yoosay handed over MVR 5, he asked for MVR 50, explaining that he wanted to take a meal. Yoosay stated that there were many people around at the time of the incident and a lot of them witnessed the exchange.
AFCONS employees have often been spotted hanging around Maafannu at night. Moreover, haps of some workers buying and getting high on drugs while on the streets have also been recounted by the public.