Thursday 7th Dec 2023
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Adhaalath Party

Imran foretells 2033 to have member of Adhaalath Party as President

Leader of Adhaalath Party, Imran Abdulla says that he is convinced that a member of his party will be the president in the year 2033.
The Minister of Home Affairs’ announced his prediction today, with a tweet.
“By the grace of Allah, the president in 2033 will be a member of Adhaalath Party”, his tweet had said.
Despite Imran’s conviction, it is important to note that Adhaalath Party does not even have a single member in the parliament.
In the 2019 parliamentary election, candidates of Adhaalath Party had failed at securing seats in the parliament despite backing and support received from MDP.
Additionally, other issues pertaining to the party has surfaced over the years such as pilfering members from other parties to magnify membership for Adhaalath Party.
On this account, the opposition party, PPM has previously submitted an official complaint to Elections Commission after finding senior leaders of the party listed on Adhaalath Party’s registry.