Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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President Yameen

Adhaalath is the vilest: Pres Yameen

Opposition leader President Yameen has labeled Adhaalath Party as ‘the vilest’ among the ruling coalition.
His sharp rebuke came at a rally held in Progressive Congress Coalition headquarters.
President Yameen condemned the coalition parties and their breakaway factions for failing to honor their pledges. Among this, he said, Adhaalath party was the vilest, having paraded religion to earn their privileges.
“Adhaalath led the fight to bring the most irreligious group to power. They are the vilest, continuously hoodwinking citizens,” he said.
Stating that promoting religion was never on Adhaalath’s agenda, President Yameen marked that their sole purpose was power.
The opposition leader also spoke about the response from coalition partners when the topic of Indian military personnel was brought up. The coalition had sent letters to Adhaalath Party, Jumhooree Party, and Maldives Reform Movement on the issue.
“Adhaalath Party said they would be the first to condemn if Indian soldiers were stationed here. They claimed they would fight,” he said.
“Qasim Ibrahim’s [Jumhooree Party]. They said there were no Indian soldiers here, we have not seen any. That there are no Indian soldiers here,”
Maldives Reform Movement, he said, downplayed the issue. The party, headed by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, said military personnel of foreign nations were present in almost all nations.
President Yameen also criticized the biggest coalition partner, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). He focused on MDP’s origins and past, citing that MDP had always felt comfortable in endangering the nation’s sovereignty and principles.
“No other political party had sought to dismantle our principles, respect towards state agencies, respecting elders. Only MDP had done this,” he said.