Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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President Yameen

President Yameen Vows to Disclose UTF Agreement if Elected for a Second Term

The former president and opposition leader, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom says that the People’s Majilis does not have the original copy of Uthuru Thilafalhu (UTF) agreement and he promises to disclose such agreements with the people upon re-election.
In an interview given to Sangu TV, President Yameen said that a president must be transparent with his people of the terms of an agreement being discussed and agreed upon with another country. He said that since the itineraries for such trips are finalized prior to departure, the details of these agreements will also have been shared with the government.
President Yameen joked that important agreements do not just spring up out of nowhere upon arrival during diplomatic trips. He stated that it was unacceptable that a president was presented with terms that threatened the peace and prosperity of his country in the first place.
Additionally, Pres. Yameen said that he may have signed a military frameworks agreement with India during his presidency. Although, he was certain that no specific agreement mentioning Uthuru Thilafalhu was ever signed. And especially, no agreement that allows Indian military to operate within Maldivian borders.
President Yameen maintained that everything said by the opposition regarding UTF agreement is accurate and even though the constitution demands such an agreement is to be approved by the parliament, it has not even been presented to the parliament.
According to the former president, UTF agreement should never have been a secret as it clearly affects the general public’s safety and their daily conduct. Moreover, he intends to be open with the public on such agreements, if he is elected.