Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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President Yameen

Any agreement that compromises the nation must be wiped off: Pres Yameen

Opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen has stated that any and all agreements that compromises the independence and sovereignty of the nation must be wiped off from existence.
He made the statement speaking in the rally held Friday evening.
The former President reflected on the challenges facing the nation’s independence and sovereignty. In his address, the former President stressed on the importance of wiping off such agreements from existence.
He went on to add that Maldivians presently had no independence, either internally or externally. The military, he added, was severely compromised in this aspect and that the state had no leadership.
“The President of this nation has no power to protect this nation,” President Yameen said.
This, he said, was the reason why the opposition was on the streets, wearing the slogan of “India Out”. He also hit back at the critics. He questioned why the Parliament had slacked on a law that prevents “India Out” campaign, if his claims were false.
He also hit back against other political leaders. He questioned their complacency while the nation was at such a critical junction.
“Why are all of them silenced?”
President Abdullah Yameen
The former President ticked off all the challenges facing the nation, including the financial risks. He reminded everyone that there would be even more challenges to face in rescuing the nation.

“We have no idea of how much struggle we would have to get out of debt agreements,” he said.

He elaborated on the status of debt, noting this administration had not maintained details of mortgaged assets.

He also noted the double standards in maintaining bilateral relations. President Yameen said he was heavily criticized for maintaining ties with China. In his address, he asked where were those who had criticized.
“Are we dependent now or then? We’re enslaved now,”
President Abdullah Yameen
The most pressing issue now, he added, was the nullification of agreements made that endanger the nation. He said he was sure that this can be done.

President Yameen said that his focus, if elected, would be to maintain bilateral ties based on mutual respect, kinship, and an understanding of where boundaries lie. Relations with neighboring countries would continue, he added, but would move from a parasitic one to a mutually beneficial one. While he did not single out one nation, it was speculated that this was in referral to India.