Monday 17th Jun 2024
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High Court rejects appeal on Suzan’s salary disclosure

The High Court has rejected the appeal filed by State Trading Organization (STO) over the disclosure of Suzan Ibrahim Fulhu’s salary.
STO had filed case in High Court to nullify the decision made by the Information Commissioner’s Office of the Maldives (ICOM) ordering the company to disclose the salary and perks given to Susan Ibrahim Fulhu, a consultant attached with the company.
High Court official had confirmed this, citing that the case was reviewed by the Registrar. STO is yet to appeal the Registrar’s decision in Court.
Dhiyares filed case in ICOM under the Right to Information Act for disclosure on Susan’s salary and perks, as well as her mandate in the company.
  • Information sought:
  • - Total of basic salary and perks
  • - Details of consultancy given to STO and documentation relevant those consultancy services
  • - The steps taken to appoint her to the post (whether the decision was taken by the Board or STO, the rationale behind her appointment, and all relevant documentation)
  • - Attendance details if Susan has to work from office
  • - An evaluation mechanism, if present, to evaluate her work
  • - Any documentation to show how qualified she is for her consultancy position
Information Commissioner Ahmed Ahid Rasheed has ordered STO disclose the details on June 9th. The decision was arrived at after public hearings on the case. However, STO had opted to file a case against the Commission’s decision.

In the hearings, STO had refused disclosure citing that the damages would be irrevocable if the details were published.

Susan has been a senior activist at ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) since its inception. She is vocal on social media, fiercely defending MDP against any and all forms of criticism. She was appointed as a consultant at STO last year.