Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Family of victim asks for privacy amid heightened public interest in case

Family of the victim slain in Male’ City has urged for privacy, amid heightened public interest in the case.
The victim, a 22-year-old woman, was found brutally slain in an apartment in H. Sheereenvilla late on Saturday. Her body was transferred to Galolhu mortuary in the early hours of Sunday, with an autopsy to take place.
Following the murder, several media had published her photo and her photos had been shared widely on social media. Some media have reported extensively on the extent of injuries she had sustained.
Responding to this, the family had urged for privacy, asking individuals and media not to share her pictures and details of her murder.
Murders are usually sensationalized by the media, often going over gory details of the injuries sustained.
Ali Saahil, a famous skater, was arrested on scene. Criminal Court had already remanded him until the end of trial, in a closed session of the court.