Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023
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MDP PG launches no confidence motion on Speaker Nasheed

The Parliamentary Group of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has launched no confidence motion on Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed.
Reportedly, this move came on the orders of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
A member of the Parliamentary Group reported that they were in the process of amassing signatories for a no confidence motion on the Parliament Speaker. The MP also reported that this would be completed very soon.
“We want to remove Nasheed [from the Speaker position] for his support of homosexuality and blasphemy,” the MP said.
The Member added they would meet all the MPs currently in Male’, and will submit the motion either on Sunday or Monday to Parliament.
Hithadhoo Constituency MP and MDP PG Leader Mohamed Aslam had confirmed this as well.
It is believed that this no confidence motion was started after Nasheed made an allegation on the President. Nasheed on Friday alleged that President Solih had engaged in an extramarital affair and that he had evidence of that.
Another senior MDP MP also confirmed that the Party would launch an investigation into this claim. In Islam, making an accusation of an extramarital affair is a serious offence.
Nasheed and President Solih had been childhood friends. A silent power struggle had ensued between the two since the administration came into being. However, this reached new heights after Nasheed’s brother, lawyer Nazim Sattar was arrested. Nazim was arrested a month after a sex tape of him and another man had surfaced.
Nasheed, currently in the UK, had took to airing his grievances on various Whatsapp groups of the Party. In these chats, Nasheed alleged that President Solih had ordered Nazim’s arrest to placate hardline elements within the administration. He also alleged extramarital affairs on part of the President, adding that he is willing to expose all of MDP senior leadership of their wrong doings.
Nasheed’s faction in the Party, though small, includes Parliament Deputy Speaker North Galolhu MP Eva Abdullah. MP Eva had also retorted against the Solih administration, accusing the President of alcohol consumption and extramarital affairs.