Thursday 7th Dec 2023
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Foreign minister Shahid

Shahid’s tweet deleted after statement from Türkiye

Foreign Minister and United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President Abdullah Shahid has deleted a tweet he posted, following rebuke from Türkiye.
Shahid had visited and laid a wreath at the memorial for victims of Armenian genocide on Wednesday.
A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Türkiye criticized Shahid, stating that Shahid “would have been expected to act in a fair and impartial manner, to be more careful and responsible in this regard.” The statement also said that Türkiye “condemn and reject attempts to distort historical facts and international law through political manipulation.”
Following this statement, Shahid’s tweet was deleted. This led to many questioning why Shahid had opted to delete the tweet.

Türkiye has always rejected the events of 1915, while Armenians in the country and across the globe have alleged that it was ethnic cleansing. The acceptance of this genocide is paired with anti-Turkish rhetoric and any denials, even if backed by facts, is brushed aside.