Monday 17th Jun 2024
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Independence Day

President Yameen on Independence Day: dua to defeat traitors

Opposition leader President Abdullah Yameen has offered a prayer for the defeat of traitors, while reflecting on the status of the country’s independence.
In a tweet posted to mark the country’s Independence Day, President Yameen’s simple message offered a prayer for the defeat of traitors.
President Yameen has always been a staunch defender of country’s independence, especially that of the country’s economic independence.
After his tenure ended, the current administration launched a witch hunt on him. The investigations and subsequent trails, landed a five-year jail term. Supreme Court of the Maldives nullified the verdict last year. At the time, he had served two years in jail.
After his release from jail, he immediately championed the India Out movement. The Government sough to silent the movement, criminalizing it via a Presidential decree. A bill is also in the works, to muzzle in calls for the removal of Indian military personnel in the country.
President Yameen has been a vocal critic of the Government’s foreign policy, citing that it was detrimental to the future of the country.