Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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President Nasheed

Nasheed defends Wickremesinghe, irks Sri Lankans

Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed is once again back in hot waters, this time for defending the disgraced former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe.
His tweet, posted on Sunday, strongly condemned burning of Wickremesinghe’s residence. According to Nasheed, Wickremesinghe, was at his job for just “a few weeks” and was “trying to steer SL out of its current mess”.
Rebuttals flowed, with one suggesting Nasheed should remain silent on matters that does not involve him.
Another user responded to Nasheed’s claims that Wickremesinghe was at his job for a few weeks, saying that he has been ‘at if for 45 years’.
The comments continued with another asking what was Nasheed’s role in all of this.
He reminded that two protesters were killed, 41 individuals injured and seven journalists attacked in the protest, adding that Nasheed’s sole concern was PM Wickremesinghe’s residence.
Another twitter user shared the video of Sri Lankan Police using force on protesters, and asked why Nasheed had not condemned Police brutality. Nasheed is famous for being critical of Police.

Sri Lankans have criticized Nasheed’s interference into Sri Lanka’s current crisis, with one describing Nasheed as a joker and asking what other ‘services’ had Nasheed provided.
Nasheed earlier this year had volunteered to coordinate international relief efforts for Sri Lanka. With this defense of Wickremesinghe, the public is also asking for an update on Nasheed’s work.
Wickremesinghe was appointed to the Prime Minister position, after Mahinda Rajapakse resigned. Speaker Nasheed, the Prime Minister’s Office reported, had generously offered to assist Sri Lanka in securing relief from foreign nations.

This is the first time Nasheed had tackled the debt of any country – including his own. During his presidency, Nasheed, after multiple travels abroad would boast of securing millions. However, those millions are yet to be seen.