Thursday 11th Aug 2022
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President Nasheed

Nasheed blasts Finance Minister Ameer over usable reserves response

Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed has hit back at Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, over his response to the question of usable reserves.
In Wednesday’s Parliament session, Minister Ameer had sent a written response on the question of usable reserves. The questions were put forth by North Galolhu Constituency Member of Parliament Eva Abdullah. In her question, MP Eva asked on the estimated amount carved out for staples and fuel purchase from the usable reserves.
In his response, Minister Ameer said that the legal responsibility of maintaining the reserves and data on reserves was tasked to central bank, Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).
He added that MMA does not publish data on usable reserves and, therefore, he had no details on the requested information. However, based on previously issued information, Minister Ameer said that there would be enough in usable reserves to purchase fuel and staples for five months.
After announcing Minister Ameer’s answer, Speaker Nasheed made his displeasure known. He said that Minister Ameer’s answer was an incomplete one, adding that the Minister should be able to respond to all questions pertaining to the finances of the state.
He cited that the Minister’s mandate involved all aspects of state finances, setting the budget, budget, earnings, expenditure, loans, and grants from foreign parties. Therefore, the Speaker said that the Minister cannot claim ignorance on the question that fell into the mandate.
Nasheed had requested the Minister to revise the answer and send it back to the Parliament.