Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023
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President Nasheed

Will advise to not go ahead with floating city project: Nasheed

Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed says that he is considering to advice Dutch Docklands not to go ahead with the floating city project.
Floating City was first conceived under the Nasheed’s administration. This administration had on multiple attempts to revive the project. Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure was quizzed on the project as well, but had refused to issue a comment.
Based on the documentation available, once the project is completed, the entire city would a fully serviced one that includes hospitals, schools, and office spaces.
In a message to Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Viber groups, Nasheed said that the government was halting the project solely because it was connected to him.
“I believe that the Government does not want to push this project ahead because it is associated with me. I’m considering advising Dutch Docklands that there is no way forward,” he said.
In the message, Nasheed said that even though there was press coverage of the project, the Government had no intention of implementing the project. He also accused Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Aminath Shauna of scheming to stop the project as well.
Nasheed added that the project involved no debt and is worth US$ 1 billion, stating that forgoing such an investment was deeply disturbing.