Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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India high commission

Maldivian youth disrupts Yoga day event by the Indian High Commission

A group of Maldivian youth has disrupted a yoga event organized by the Indian High Commission in the Maldives.
The event was held at the national stadium in capital Male' this morning. Around 100 people were protesting outside the stadium when the event began. Soon after the event kicked off at 6:30 am, some of the protestors entered the stadium and asked the participants of the event to leave the stadium.
The participants left the stadium soon afterward. Maldives Police Service had to use to remove the protestors from the stadium and arrested 6 people during the process.
Indian High commissioner and senior officials of the Indian High Commission were present at the stadium when the protestors barged in.
President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih who is a close ally of Indian PM Narendra Modi has vowed to take action against the group of people who disrupted the yoga event. He said that those responsible would be brought to justice.
There has been growing resentment against Indians in the Maldives due to the Islamophobic policies of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.