Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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More than 20 judges summoned to the Indian High Commission in Maldives

Many judges were summoned to the Indian High Commission in the Maldives, yesterday.
Judicial officers chosen to receive training from India, in joint collaboration of Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Department of Judicial Administration (DJA), and the Indian High Commission, attended a ceremony in Male’ before leaving for the program.
The farewell ceremony held for the judges from High Court, Supreme Court and various Magistrate Courts, was attended by JSC members, the Attorney General of the Maldives and other judges of the Supreme Court. Furthermore, the Ambassador for India in the Maldives had also attended the event.
After the ceremony, judges were summoned to the Indian High Commission in Hulhumale. While they spent a great chunk of time inside the building, the judges exited the building after 13:30.
While the authorities claimed to have summoned the judges to the embassy for visa related details, even the Maldivian public no longer have to take visa ahead of traveling to India. Therefore, it was unclear as to why the judges had to clear visa ahead of travel.