Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Yameen

It’s no coincidence that BJP is defaming the Prophet: Pres Yameen

Opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen says that it was no coincidence that India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is and continues to defame Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him).
His statements came at the rally held in Male’ City, in defense of the Prophet.
In his lengthy address, the former President questioned on how much Maldivians were willing to serve Islam. As Maldives was a 100 percent Islamic nation, it was unacceptable to the country as a whole, when the Prophet is defamed, he said. Such instances, he added, should not be tolerated in the future, either.
“What I’m asking is this. In this political, national wave, I want to ask if the Spokesperson and the other Spokesperson and so on, if they are put to aside and they [BJP] claims they are no longer associated with them, [it would] still not be accepted by Arab and Islamic nations. Is it a coincidence? They can claim it as a coincidence and say that they took action as necessary. But this is no coincidence,” he said.
President Yameen further said that there were no figures within the current governing coalition who had the guts to condemn BJP actions.
He added that BJP had a clear vision to eliminate Muslims in India, and that the evidence was clear. He pointed out to Indian state governments razing down homes of Muslims and the attacks on Muslims as evidence of Islamophobia in India.