Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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President Yameen

A Muslim genocide in India is possible: Pres Yameen

Former President of the Maldives, President Abdullah Yameen has stated that if we are to ignore the inhumane attacks on Muslims in India, a genocide is likely in the country.
He made the statements speaking in the rally held in defense of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him).
President Yameen referred to the Second World War and Nazi Germany’s extermination of Jews in Germany. He said that the genocide of Jews was not a hidden secret, adding that world leaders were quite aware of the events in Germany. They had refused to and failed to take action against Nazi Germany and therefore, he said, millions had perished.
Noting that history is always repeated, President Yameen said that this was the same thing being done to Muslims in India. Muslims in India amount to around 200-250 million, he said. If the Muslims were to declare a separate state, then that nation would be the fourth largest in the world.
President Yameen also slammed the PR campaigns run in the UK, Canada, Australia, and especially in the US by Hindutva organizations. He said these campaigns were run to gloss over the inhumane actions and humanize the faces leading the attacks.
“A professor praying in seclusion on campus is sent home, their tenure is over. Muslim girls in India are deprived of an education if they wear hijabs,” he said.
President Yameen said that the Hindutva actions are the biggest genocide in modern. The global blindness to these atrocities, he added, would only have one result.
“When it [holocaust] was happening, the world was aware. Why did they tolerate this? Why did they not try to stop it? There are Muslim scientists, doctors, and professors in India. If we fail to stop these Hindutva atrocities now, a genocide is possible,” President Yameen claimed.
President Yameen said that there was no point in lamenting an event after it had occurred.