Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Presidential election

This is not the time for personal ambition: Nasheed

This is not the time for personal ambition and to contest for the Presidency, says Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed.
Nasheed’s tweet came mere hours later after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had expressed his desire to contest for a second term in the 2023 elections.
Nasheed in his tweet said that this was not the time for personal ambition. This was the time to resolve the economic issues facing the country, address depleting foreign currency reserves, and secure the economic future of all citizens, Nasheed added.
Both Nasheed and Solih are expected to contest for the Presidential ticket from their party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). While it was always expected that President Solih would seek a second term, Wednesday’s press conference was the first time he had confirmed the decision.
Solih said that the most important thing, he said, was ensuring that MDP had a second term in office. The President also admitted that it would be challenging for MDP to contest and win the election, by themselves. Coalitions, he said, therefore, was necessary. A coalition that was under his helm would be able to successfully get re-elected, he added.
Nasheed always had had a singular aim to secure power, irrespective of consequences. In a bid to secure 2018 elections for him, Nasheed had even called for Indian forces to invade the country.