Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Prophet Mohammed

Opposition condemns BJP spokesperson’s derogatory comments

Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has condemned the defamatory and deplorable comments by India’s ruling party Baharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Prophet Mohammed.
In a statement released on Monday, the opposition said that comments by Sharma are ‘reprehensible and appalling’.
Sharma’s views, it said, were by extension the views of BJP and is ‘testament to the growing Islamophobia, systemic racism and caste-based violence in India’.
The growing violence in India, the statement added, seeks to destabilize India in a manner that had not been experienced in the past 75 years and by extension, the whole South Asian region.

‘We urge the BJP to address these real issues plaguing India and engage in a comprehensive dialogue with all stakeholders to enable a safe environment for the Muslim population of India,’ Progressive Congress Coalition said.

The Coalition warned that comments against the Prophet was an attack on the very heart of Muslims globally, adding that it would not be overlooked. The statement concluded by afforming their advocacy for the safety, security and rights of Muslims globally.