Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Name and shame: list of MPs who voted against motion to condemn BJP spokesperson

Members of Parliament from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) on Monday kicked out the emergency motion submitted by the opposition on India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson’s insulting remarks on Prophet Mohamed.
BJP national spokeswoman Nupur Sharma insulted the prophet and his wife Aisha in a TV debate last week. She has been suspended since, with BJP and BJP-aligned media attempting to gloss over the incident.
The motion was tabled by People’s National Congress (PNC) Parliamentary Group leader, Madduvvaree Constituency MP Adam Shareef Umar. It motion called on the Government to condemn the action.
In presenting the motion, MP Adam Shareef said sanctity and protection of Islam was deeply rooted in Maldivians and mandated under the Protection of the Religious Unity Among Maldivians Act.
Forty-three MPs took part in the vote, with 33 MPs voting to kick out the motion. Only 10 MPs voted to further debate.
MPs who kicked out the motion are as follows:
  • Hulhumale’ Constituency MP Ali Niyaz (MDP)
  • North Henveyru Constituency MP Ibrahim Muiz (MDP)
  • Central Henveyru Constituency MP Ali Azim (MDP)
  • South Henveyru Constituency MP Hussain Shameem (MDP)
  • West Henveyru Constituency MP Hassan Latheef (MDP)
  • North Mahchangolhi Constituency MP Mohamed Rasheed (MDP)
  • North Maafannu Constituency MP Imthiyaz Fahmy (MDP)
  • Baarashu Constituency MP Ahmed Abdullah (MDP)
  • Dhihdhoo Constituency MP Abdullah Waheed (MDP)
  • Kelaa Constituency MP Ibrahim Shareef (MDP)
  • Hanimaadhoo Constituency MP Abdul Ghafoor Moosa (MDP)
  • North Kulhudhuffushi Constituency MP Yasir Abdul Latheef (MDP)
  • South Kulhudhuffushi Constituency MP Jamsheed Mohamed (MDP)
  • Makunudu Constituency MP Mohamed Raai (MDP)
  • Kanditheemu Constituency MP Abdullah Shaheem Abdul Hakeem (MDP)
  • Milandhoo Constituency MP Ali Riza (MDP)
  • Komandoo Constituency MP Mohamed Raashid (MDP)
  • Funadhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Shahid (MDP)
  • Velidhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Abdullah Shafeeq (MDP)
  • Alifushi Constituency MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (MDP)
  • Ungoofaaru Constituency MP Mohamed Waheed (MDP)
  • Hinnavaru Constituency MP Jeehan Mahmood (MDP)
  • Kurendoo Constituency MP Abdul Ghanee Abdul Hakeem (MDP)
  • Kaashidhoo Constituency MP Abdullah Jabir (Independent)
  • Mathiveri Constituency MP Hassan Zareer (MDP)
  • Dhiggaru Constituency MP Ikram Hassan (MDP)
  • Dhaandhoo Constituency MP Yagoob Abdullah (MDP)
  • Gemanafushi Constituency MP Ahmed Saeed (MDP)
  • North Thinadhoo Constituency MP Abdul Mughnee (MDP)
  • Madaveli Constituency MP Hussain Firushan (MDP)
  • Hulhudhoo Constituency MP Ilyas Labeeb (MDP)
  • North Hithadhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Aslam (MDP)
  • South Hithadhoo Constituency MP Ibrahim Nazil (MDP)
Both the Solih and Nasheed faction voted to kick out the motion. Out of the 87 MPs, 65 are from ruling MDP. They have constantly and consistently kicked out similar motions submitted by the opposition and have refused to address Islamophobia in India.