Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Criminal Court to broadcast Pres Yameen trial

Criminal Court has announced that they intended to broadcast the trial of former President Abdullah Yameen live.
The hearing is to be held on Thursday.
The state had raised money laundering and bribery charges against President Yameen, with regards to the lease of Aarah Island in Vaavu atoll.
In the preliminary hearings of the case, President Yameen had requested that the trial be shown live. Senior Judge Ahmed Shakeel, at that time, had said that as the Court did not have the required facilities it would not be possible. He also said that once all the required resources were acquired, then the hearings can begin.
In Thursday’s hearing, both sides will present their opening statements. The Judge had decreed that no preliminary findings would be accepted by the Court, as both the defendant and the plaintiff had failed to meet deadlines.