Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Yameen

MDP is all talk, no action: Pres Yameen

Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition leader former President Abdullah Yameen has shot back at the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party, stating that they were all talk and no action.
He made the statement while campaigning for Aminath Nazima. Nazima is the coalition’s candidate for the vacant seat at the Vilimale’ Women’s Development Committee.
President Yameen said that each time, MDP had come to power by making tall claims. Once elected, MDP would fail to follow through on the pledges, he said.
The former President said that one of MDP’s key features was leveling accusations against others. President Yameen noted that prior to coming to power MDP would use this tactic liberally. However, once in power, they would heavily get immersed in graft. President Yameen said that MPD had a record in graft, dividing up the state budget among their cohorts.
“Each time, before coming to power, they will spout really tall tales. All but them would be thieves. Today, the actual thieves are in their lead ranks. Those in power today are stealing massive amounts today. Millions are given away to friends as reparations,” he said.
Stating that MDP is always a party that’s all about ‘talk and no action’, President Yameen said that MDP had constantly and consistently failed to fulfill their pledges. When it comes to action, President Yameen said that MDP was ‘zero’.
President Yameen further criticized MDP government for restricting freedom of speech and assembly. This, he said, was more ironical given that MDP had always claimed to be the party of free speech and assembly.
He referred to the vastly huge numbers of protesters arrested under this administration. President Yameen said that under his administration’s five years, a significantly lesser number of protesters were arrested, while then MDP accused his administration of hindering free speech and assembly. He noted that MDP held more protests then, while Coalition is yet to hold a massive rally.
He accused the administration of weaponizing the new recruits into Maldives Police Service (MPS) to arrest protesters. He added that the protesters were merely exercising their freedoms.