Tuesday 21st May 2024
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President Nasheed

Nasheed meets key figure behind Indian takeover of Sikkim

Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has met Ajit Doval, one of the masterminds behind the conspiracy to absorb Sikkim into India.
Sikkim was an independent nation hostilely taken over by India in 1975. Doval was one of the engineers of the conspiracy and currently serves as a National Security Advisor to the Indian government.
Nasheed, who is presently in India for the Raisina Dialogue, had shared a photo of the meeting on his twitter account, captioning the post as "pleasant to have a conversation with a grandmaster of geopolitics".
Ajit Doval spent a major part of his career as an active field Intelligence officer with the Intelligence Bureau. He had an active role in instigating communal conflict in Sikkim in the 1970's, against the King.
He was appointed as India's fifth National Security Advisor on May 30, 2014. He is closely linked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Nasheed had always championed close ties with India. He and other senior figures in ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), such as the incumbent Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid, had called for Indian boots on ground in the Maldives.