Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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President Nasheed

Speaker bars motion on condemning violence against Indian Muslims

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has barred an emergency motion to the Parliament.
The motion in question was one submitted by Naifaru Constituency Member of Parliament Ahmed Shiyam.
It had asked the Government of Maldives to take lead in condemning the inhumane attacks on the Muslims of India and to bring the issue to international attention. The motion said that India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had supported and championed these attacks, with the Indian police doing little to nothing to curb the violence.
The motion also said that as a Muslim nation, being silent when issues like this rise up, was unacceptable. MP Shiyam added that the Government of Maldives needed to be clear on their stance in support of Indian Muslims, calling on the Government to take lead in raising awareness on international platforms.
Speaker Nasheed had barred the motion from even going to the Parliament. In defense of his actions, Speaker Nasheed said discussion on internal affairs of a country was not acceptable, and violated democratic and Parliamentary norms.
Violence and targeted attacks on Indian Muslims and mosques had increased over the past weeks. Members affiliated with right-wing hardline BJP are seen in the front line of such attacks.
Speaker Nasheed maintains close ties with Narendra Modi, BJP leader, and had constantly and consistently defended India.