Thursday 7th Dec 2023
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Larger nations should not interfere in domestic matters of smaller nations: Saeed

Maavashu Constituency Member of Parliament and VP of People’s National Congress (PNC) Mohamed Saeed has stated that it was vital that larger nations did not interfere in domestic matters of smaller nations, adding that it was a vital practice that need to be put in place in South East Asia region.
He made the statement speaking in Monday’s session of the Parliament, debating on the Foreign Service Act.
Saeed said that it was vital that domestic matters remained free of foreign influence. He also pointed out that if the nation allowed other nations to dictate domestic matters, then it should be open to all nations – not just a select few.
“If we allow foreign nations to dictate domestic matters, then there should not be a system where one country is allowed access and other is denied this access,” he said.
Saeed also highlighted the plight of Maldivians living in Sri Lanka. He said it was the responsibility of the Government to check on those citizens, especially given the large number of Maldivians who reside in Sri Lanka. He added that this was the wish of those citizens in Sri Lanka, given that these are uncertain times for the country.
In Monday’s Parliament sessions, MPs had debated on the Government’s plans to standardize wages and the changes that need to be brought to the Foreign Service Act to facilitate this plan. Saeed said that he had highlighted these very issues being debated, back in November 2021, to Vilufushi Constituency MP Hassan Afeef. He also said he had advocated against giving the Minister free reign in determining wages. However, he said, this was to no avail.
MP Saeed further noted that the Foreign Service Act had been in the works for the past four administrations, adding that an amendment, mere four months after ratification, poses several questions.