Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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President Yameen

President Yameen chairs first Council meeting since release

President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom has chaired Monday evening's council meeting of the opposition Progressive Congress coalition.
This is the first council meeting held since the former President was released from jail.
President Yameen was sentenced to a five-year jail term on corruption charges on November 2019. He had spent two years in jail, following the Criminal Court verdict, while the case went to appeal in both High and Supreme Courts of the country. He was freed on November 30, 2021, after the Supreme Court delivered a resounding verdict against the State.
Following the verdict and his release, President Yameen had returned back to leading the opposition. He has championed the 'India Out' movement, citing that the movement was against Indian hegemony and that Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives have to leave. The Progressive Congress coalition and President Yameen had led several rallies across the country, under this banner.
Speaking to media, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Spokesperson Heena Waleed said the President chaired the joint Council meeting held on Monday evening. She added that the discussions centered on strengthening the Parties internal activities and what the Parties can do to rectify the issues facing the nation.