Monday 5th Dec 2022
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Majlis Speaker Nasheed Tricked Solih And Swore In VP To Replace Him: MP Saeed

MP Mohamed Saeed (PNC-Maavashu) has claimed that Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has dismissed President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from the presidency and has sworn the Vice President in to replace him.
At yesterday's session of the People's Majlis, MP Saeed asked the Majlis Speaker which President did he last swear in.
"You will know the answer to this question", said MP Saeed. "You categorically deceived President Solih. Once the Vice President was sworn in as President, he has remained in the President's post".
MP Saeed alleged that Majlis Speaker Nasheed would take issue with the current presidency given the outcome of the Maldivian Democratic Party's internal elections.
"You've deceived President Solih greatly. You've tricked him", said MP Saeed, addressing the Majlis Speaker. "You've dismissed President Solih from the presidency and sworn in the Vice President to replace him. I'm pointing out that the entire state is in a legal vacuum right now, and I want you to answer".
Vice President Faisal Naseem was sworn in as president at 6 am last Friday morning. After President Solih's thyroid surgery, at 9:30 am, the President's Office had announced that he had resumed his duties as president.
There is a difference in legal opinion as to whether the Vice President needs to be sworn in to take over the President's duties in a case of his temporary incapacity to carry out his presidential duties.